12 February 2024 Java Generics

Build a solid understanding of the underlying concepts of Java Generics. Explore why Generics is an essential part of functional programming and how to use it to be a more efficient programmer.

This 4-hour course will walk you through generics starting the basics and on through to co and contra-variance, using generics with arrays, and bridge methods. As usual, I present the class using live programming examples throughout so you can see Generics in action.

13 February 2024 Modern Java Exception Handling

What to do when things go wrong in a program is always a hard problem. It’s common to blame the syntactic mechanism of a language (particularly Java’s checked exceptions) for this, but the problem is usually a conceptual one–one of design–rather than of syntax. That said, syntax can help or hinder and is less likely to hinder if understood properly.

Java provides checked exceptions which have benefits, but are widely misunderstood. Further, our industry is tending towards a more functional programming style and in that style, exceptions are only used for catastrophic situations.

This session examines the foundations of handling “when things go wrong”, builds a strong understanding of how, when, and whether, to use checked exceptions, and explains how to handle these situations in functional code such as Streams. The session also builds a practical, reusable, approach to solving the problem of integration exception-based code into newer functional code.

14 February 2024 Getting Started with Java: From Core Concepts to Real Code in 4 Hours

This 4 Hour course teaches Java fundamentals quickly using live code demonstrations and discussions, so you can get started programming today. You’ll learn the fundamental syntax and how to work with methods, classes and objects along with other key concepts.

This course is for complete beginners in Java, but you should have a working understanding of foundational programming concepts such as variables, loops, conditions, and functions in some other language.

The topics of the course are carefully selected to give you enough of the essentials to get going, and to use as a foundation for your own research and deepening your own knowledge after the course, without laboring every last detail and variation. You’ll pick up the most-used concepts and the syntax elements that support them.

The course is delivered in a highly practical style, with lots of code examples–created while you watch–that you will take away and keep. The delivery is heavy on understandability, practical usability, and light on academic formality.

20-22 March 2024 Java SE 17 Developer (1Z0-829) Crash Course

The Java 17 Developer certification 1Z0-829 can be intimidating in its scope but is the industry standard Java certification. This 3-day training is focused on the newest exam topics, and those that cause the greatest confusion, so you can spend your time studying what matters most.

Like all of my classes, this is a live session, with code–and variations necessary to understand a topic deeply–written as you watch. In this class I also present quiz drills so you can get experience answering questions in real time. And you’ll be encouraged to ask questions and discuss details with me and other learners in real time .

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