Understanding is greater than knowledge

Dancing Cloud Services’ philosophy differs from many training organizations in that we consider that our job is not done until our learners understand something in a way that will allow them to use if effectively in a variety of professional situations. Too often training ends when some core facts have been described, and the learner is left to work out the significance and application of these facts by themselves. This is why our motto is “Understanding is greater than knowledge”

Programmer focused training and course development

Traditional training enumerates “prerequisites”; topics the learner is expected to have fully grasped before taking any given course. But the harsh reality is that unlike in a college situation professionals are often working quite effectively despite not having a full grasp of all such topics. For professional training to be effective, it’s essential that the instructor be ready and willing to notice when a learner is lacking some element of foundation and take the time to meet them where they are. While this sometimes slows progress, it’s more often than not the case that others in the class actually benefit from the review. Of course, it’s equally common that learners are ahead of the game on some topics, and a smart instructor notices this, and moves faster.

Why training style matters.

It’s very common to see technical training delivered by subject matter experts. This follows the time honored tradition of apprenticeships where a youngster would learn, for example, the blacksmith’s trade, by working alongside an older blacksmith. But modern, scientific, research into learning shows that this is not reliably effective. Teaching is a skill in its own right, and experts in software engineering rarely have any training in that skill, and frankly aren’t reliably the kind of personalities that naturally teach well.
Learning to teach is important, and Dancing Cloud Services’ instructors regularly spend time deliberately seeking and practicing the latest techniques to improve themselves in this critical field.

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