Welcome to the home of Dancing Cloud Services, LLC. We offer services in programmer training, training course development, and programming. We specialize in Java, Scala, and JavaScript.

Established in 2004, we firmly believe that investing time and resources in quality training and mentoring pays dividends in increased productivity and retention.

It's common in today's business world for a training effort to be undertaken with the belief that putting people into a room with an expert is sufficient to cause people to learn. While it's true that a solid, deep seated, understanding of the subject matter at hand is often important for an effective training event, it's rarely even close to sufficient. Teaching is a specialized skill that is often very counterintuitive, and is often handled very poorly by typical domain experts.

To help with this problem, our staff are both highly competent and experienced software engineers, but also experienced instructors who have taken the time to study and understand how to help people learn.