Other links of interest

This page has links to other sites and resources that I have found interesting. There's no particular organization, although you'll notice that there is a preponderance of teaching resources.


Serious Pony

I was privileged and fortunate, while at Sun Microsystems, to work closely with, and learn a huge amount from Kathy Sierra. Kathy created the "Head First" book series, and knows more about the latest research into neuroscience as it relates to learning and human performance than anyone else I know. Lately, Kathy is raising Icelandic Ponies and studying techniques for training both horse and rider. Her photography is exquisite too; her site Serious Pony has many beautiful examples, as well as blog posts on teaching and human performance issues.

Badass: Making Users Awesome

One of Kathy's books, not overtly about learning, rather about marketing. However, it's also a brilliant learning theory book.

Design For How People Learn (Voices That Matter)

More directly oriented to creating and delivering good training, this book by Julie Dirksen bulges with practical guidance.

What the Best College Teachers Do

Well known and well respected, Ken Bain's classic illustrates how teachers of adults should behave to create the best lifelong learning, not simply of facts, but of practice in using and investigating those facts.

F.A.A. Aviation Instructor's Handbook

For years, some of the best research into human performance, and with it, training techniques, has been undertaken by the United States Airforce. It's perhaps not surprising, both lives, and phenomenally expensive machinery are in jeopardy if mistakes are made. Much of their research is distilled down into the humble-seeming, and free, Aviation Instructor's Handbook.